Morning Oatmeal pancakes with Sweet Potato hash

Oh Delia, oh trusty crackle-covered paper-back Delia.

Pancake day has always had an accidental structure in our house. We’d never remember the day, but when reminded, there was an autopilot plan-of-action. After digging out ye olde faithful Delia, the batter would be made, there would be some jaw-dropping pancake flipping demonstrations, and in turn we would take it in turns to have the freshly made crepes with our go to dressing, butter/sugar/ribena.

Much has changed since these days. For one, there are no longer classmates to remind us of the day-we now wait for a mention on the radio or an overheard conversation. We now use a regular spatula to flip the pancakes and the prized batter-making baton has been passed down to me,and sadly that means Delia just doesnt cut in anymore. I have rather a rotating collection of pancake recipes now, one for all sorts of occasions, however somehow a whole load of butter, milk, flour and sugar just doesnt seem to strike me as a real option anymore.

INGREDIENTS   –  1 medium banana   –  3/4 Cup of Oats   –   1Tbsp Peanut Butter (optional)   –   pinch of salt   –  1/2 medium sweet potato   –  olive oil


1) grate the sweet potato and begin to brown in a pan drizzled with oil. Add some water to the pan if you wish to avoid using much oil, i find this helps make the potato soft.

2) mash the banana throughly and add the peanut butter. When combined add the salt and oats and stir through.

3) in a lightly greased pan, dollop some of the oat mixture and press down into a flat circle with a spatula. adjusting the thickness of the pancake will alter how chewy the centre is.

4) Flip the pancake, when the underside is browned. I then topped with marmite and the sweet potato hash.


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