Lime and Avocado Cookies

I could probably spend a whole day perusing food blogs … in fact, im pretty sure that i have spent a whole day perusing food blogs. The photos draw me in, then i quickly scan the ingredients list. Here im looking whether or not my pantry will allow for immediate creation and then next I’m checking that there’s a reasonably low-level of fat in the ingredients most of the time. If they pass this test, they go in to a favourites folder marked “baking bucket”. On rainy days when I lack craving-based inspiration, the folder gets opened up and it’s time for edit-mode.

I was originally drawn to this recipe because of the use of cream cheese. Having overestimated the requirements for my first ever vegan cheesecake experiment, I was left with two spare pots of Toffuti, and no real way of using it. Alas my relief at finding the original recipe in my foodie-folder. The combination of cream cheese and avocado allows for a creamy texture with a level of fat that doesn’t come from straight butter. mixed with sugar and lime zest and I could literally eat this batter all day long. It makes for a cookie with a smooth but crisp exterior, and chewy dense inside that enhances the delicate hints of flavour that sit so well next to a cup of tea.

INGREDIENT   –   1/2 Cup Toffuti cream cheese    – 1 medium avocado   –  1/2 Cup vegan butter    –  1 Cup sugar   –  zest and juice of one lime   –  1 tsp vanilla essence   –  2 Cups all-purpose flour


1. Cream the cream cheese, avocado and butter together. I’d suggest using a handheld mixer here as you don’t want big chunks of guacamole in your cookies.

2. Add the sugar, vanilla essence and lime zest & juice, and beat together until it is all consistently distributed. Taste – you wont regret it.

3. Bit by bit, sift the flour in to the mix and fold in carefully.

4. By now you’ll notice that the dough is too sticky to roll but too thick to be melted down in the oven. Here yu can either use wet hands to roll and flatten into little patty-shaped rounds, or for a prettier effect, feed into a piping tube and twizzle into little swirls. Almost like vienesse whirls hey.

5. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until golden brown with golden bases.


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